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January 22, 2011 / Lisa Elmaleh

A few from the Everglades

moonrise over one-lane dirt road

palm tree and powerline

sawgrass prarie

water, Anhinga

turkey vulture

I have to admit, I’m not always the biggest fan of the collodion process. It is heavy, cumbersome, and stinky, and sometimes, after using it all day, I get a little high off of the fumes. Plus, when my skin is covered in giant splotches of silver nitrate, I can’t shake the look that I’ve been rolling around in the mud.

Kevin gave me a half-frame camera right before I left for my journey in November. I was SO excited to start using it.

There are about 45 miles of park road leading from the edge of Homestead to the tip of Florida through Everglades National Park. The entire park is 1,509,000 acres, and much of it inaccessible by car.

When I go out shooting, I often take a few hours a day to walk and observe on foot. I meet a lot of really great people out there on the side of the road. And it feels great to go tramping through the sawgrass in knee-high water when the temperature is really high.

Here is a couple of half-frame pictures from my rambling.


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