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December 20, 2010 / Lisa Elmaleh

>May 21, 2011

>Prior to my Everglades journey, I went skipping down over south and west to Tennessee with my lovely friend (and epic hair-and-makeup artist), Heart. Our mission? Go squaredancing, take some tintypes, see Graceland (and Graceland 2), and have the most fun, ever.

On Halloween morning 2010, we woke up in Nashville, and the lovely Heart and I set out with great joy to the Harpeth River in Nashville, TN to make some tintype photographs of the Hogslop String Band, our lovely and generous Nashvillian hosts.

directions, as written by Daniel Allen Frazier Junior

It was a day of music and image-making and intense work and laughter and probably one of my favorite days, ever.

To see some pictures from the day, visit my website here (or mosey on down my blog to the post on November 7, 2010.)

Here is a scan of the last image that was made on Halloween, a tintype of Heart, taken just as the sun was setting over the horizon:


And what happened to those mission goals?

Well, we went squaredancing in rural Kentucky, took plenty of tintypes, got the full-on experience of Graceland 2 (and the partial experience of Graceland proper), more dancing, slept hardly at all, and yes, had the most fun, ever.

Bring on the armageddon.


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